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Regional Private-Public Partnerships

Regional private-public partnerships advance this new field of practice by improving governance and creating private capital income flows that increase self sufficiency.  Increased self sufficiency, in turn, allows for improved governance.  To date, these regional initiatives have attracted more than $2.5 billion of capital and have generated significant income flows to support the parent partnership.    ACCRA  is the professional organization which represents the professionals essential to the success of  these private-public partnerships.    Following is a description of the paradigm model designed by Economic Innovation and a list of the beta models created by the firm.

The Alpha Paradigm Model The Bay Area Family of Funds (1999-2004)


Sponsored by the Bay Area Council (the CEO-led regional public policy organization) and community stakeholders, to leverage $1 billion targeted to the 52 neighborhoods in the Bay Area with high levels of poverty.  These paradigm funds create powerful private sector and community stakeholder leadership in a self-sufficient not-for-profit sponsor to ensure that the three market-rate private equity funds with world class fund managers achieve both their internal market-rate of return for investors and the social equity and environmental returns expected of community stakeholders.  The Bay Area Family of Funds has committed more than $180 million in private equity which is generating more than $1 billion in investment in the 52 poorest neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

Similar Beta Models

bulletThe American Ventures Fund for South Florida (2004)
bulletFulcrum Capital Partners Growth Fund (2002)
bullet Genesis LA Family of Funds (1999)
bullet Genesis LA Real Estate Fund (1999)
bullet Genesis Workforce Housing Fund (2004) 
bulletKansas, Inc (1985)
bulletThe Greater St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association (2003)
bulletThe St. Louis Revitalization Fund (2003)
bulletThe St. Louis Plant and Life Sciences Coalition (2003)
bulletThe St. Louis Vectis Life Sciences Fund (2003)
bullet The Massachusetts Life Initiative (1998)
bullet The Massachusetts Property and Casualty Initiative, LLC. (1998)
bulletThe Nehemiah Sacramento Valley Fund (2002)
bulletNorthwest Louisiana Strategic Action Council (2003)
bulletThe Portland Oregon Family of Funds (2002)
bulletThe San Diego Capital Collaborative (2002)
bulletSlovak Association for Regional Development (SARD)
bulletThe Ulster Community Investment Trust of Northern Ireland (1998)