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State Private-Public Partnerships

Economic Innovation has mobilized large scale private resources to accomplish measurable public purpose through the creation of the dozens of  private-public partnerships at the state, regional, and local level.  These institutions leverage private sector resources to achieve scale in a time of diminishing public sector resources.  In developing these key partnerships Economic Innovation  works with the private, public, and academic sectors to provide and execute a strategic vision and measurable performance for the state or region's economy.  Many of these partnerships have thrived and created new vitality for decades.  ACCRA  is the professional organization which represents the professionals essential to the success of  these private-public partnerships.    Following is a description of the paradigm model designed by Economic Innovation and a list of the beta models created by the firm.

The Alpha Paradigm Model: Enterprise Florida (1994)

bulletDesigned with principal consultative input from Economic Innovation and formed jointly by the Governor, Legislature, and key private sector leaders.   Enterprise Florida’s founding mission was to help shift Florida from a lower-wage, tourism-driven economy to a higher-wage, technology-driven economy.
bullet In addition to the core business recruitment and retention capacities, Economic Innovation helped construct new divisions with expanded, state-of-the-art capacity to support technology commercialization, business finance and workforce development.
bullet Enterprise Florida’s unique contribution to the state-of-the-art of private-public partnership development remains the recreation of state economic development capacity in a private-public, rather than purely public instrumentality.

Similar Beta Models

bullet Kansas, Inc.  (1985)
bulletTennessee Tomorrow, Inc (1993)
bulletIndiana Economic Development Council (1985)
bulletProsperity New Jersey (1995)
bulletThe Ulster Community Investment Trust of Northern Ireland (UCIT) (1998)
bulletThe Connecticut Plan (1987)