Economic Innovation International, Inc. 








Economic Innovation International, founded in 1970,  is now internationally recognized for building more than $150 billion of privately capitalized innovative institutions to accomplish public purposes in North America, Europe and Asia.  These funds generate measurable wealth and high quality jobs for low income residents of targeted communities in emerging markets.  During the last decade, these Triple Bottom Line, mission-driven funds have become  fully green.  
Regional economies, like nations, live in a world of constant change, increasing competition, and economic and cultural dynamism.  Economic Innovation helps communities design and build realistic action plans, funds and institutions that increase their current comparative economic advantage and strengthen their underlying human, financial, and technological resources.  Economic Innovation’s overarching goal with each client is to help advance smart communities, smart enterprises, and smart workers who can compete in today’s global technology-driven economy.  

The most recent fund initiative is the creation of a new private equity industry that produces risk-adjusted, market-rate returns for institutional investors and "Three E" triple bottom line returns for targeted communities.   These funds produce prudent Economic returns, social Equity and are Environmentally sound initiatives.  Since Economic Innovation created the first alpha fund in 1997, the industry has grown to more than $20 billion of which more than $2 billion of the pioneer models have been built by Economic Innovation and its partner firm, Strategic Development Solutions (SDS Group of Los Angeles).  

The firm has provided development assistance in 39 states and 21 countries,  and has built funds from Maine to San Diego, and Miami to Alaska in this country, and in such diverse overseas environments as Northern Ireland, Palestine, Poland and Puerto Rico.

Belden Hull Daniels, founder and President of Economic Innovation, is an attorney and former international banker who taught economic development and development finance for many years at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).